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Terms and conditions

General Conditions of sales

The wine sale and of all the products related to the world of the wine in general, that are contained in the web site “”, it is regulated by these General Conditions of sales.

All the products bought in the web site are sold directly by Fratelli Mazza di Daniele Mazza & Claudio snc (from now on it is called “Fratelli Mazza”), with registered office in Italy, in via Praga n. 5 – 97100 Ragusa (RG), Ragusa Companies Register, fiscal code and VAT registration number 01332680881, fully paid-up share capital of € 10.000,00.

Any information and explanations on these general conditions of sales can be required directly writing an e-mail to or by the telephone number (+39) 0932 251831.

Fratelli Mazza sales contract

1. Fratelli Mazza offers on its web site a wine selection and others products related to this world. The electronic commerce activities is exclusively for “consumers” over 18 years old and however under applicable law and the legislation regarding electronic commerce.

2. The user of our web site, guarantees to be 18 years of age or older, as well as the person who will reiceve the shipping from Fratelli Mazza.

3. These General Conditions of Sales regulate only the offer, the transmission, the acceptance, the shipment, the purchase terms and the right of withdrawal of purchase orders of products in the web site and the Fratelli Mazza society.

4. Every order sends from the user by web site represents an offer to purchase products. The orders are subject to availabilty and discretional acceptance of Fratelli Mazza society.

5. The user needs to select the products and makes the check-out after having verified carefully and eventually modified the information in the shopping cart summary. The order is done through the confirmation and it is subjected to the payment of the products price, of the services, of the taxes and sof the hipping costs indicated in the summary order form.

6. The receipt of the order processing does not represent the order acceptance. The contract conclusion achieves when Fratelli Mazza sends a confirmation order e-mail to the consumer e-mail address.

7. Fratelli Mazza reserves the possibility to not confirmate the order in case of not availabilty of one or more products, sending an e-mail to the address associeted with the purchase, within 15 days of the order. In this case Fratelli Mazza will inform the user by e-mail, that the contract is not concluded and the order will not be fulfil, specifying the reasons and suggesting a possible solution. If there is no solution, Fratelli Mazza will refund the user the amount paid.

8. After having concluded the contract, Fratelli Mazza will fulfil the purchase order.

9. Fratelli Mazza, to every purchase, can ask you to correct any data entry errors, to read carefully the General Conditions of Sales, included the right withdrawal, to print a copy or memorize or duplicate a copy of it for your personal use.

10. Fratelli Mazza contract is in Italian lenguage, but it is also translate in English.

11. At the moment of the check -out, you declare to accept unconditionally the General Conditions of Sales, and you commit to respect them in all Fratelli Mazza relationship. In case you are not agree and you do not want accept, even just in part, the terms of the General Conditions of Sales, we request to not complete the purchase process on the web site If you confirm the order, you declare to know and to accept the General Conditions of Sales and the other information contained in the web site, included possible references through link.

Guarantees and indications of wine prices and other products on sale

1. All the products sold by Fratelli Mazza on his web site are only “premium” products of first quality. The products are the result of a meticolous and continuous research and they are bought directly by Fratelli Mazza in the wine companies, producers, cellars and dealers, carefully selected for a strict qualitative control. Fratelli Mazza Wine Selection does not sell irregular products or of lower quality respect to the same standars of the market.

2. All the information and indications contained in the wine bottle labels sold by Fratelli Mazza, are guaranteed from single producer companies. Fratelli Mazza selects continuous the producer companies that have the highest quality standards, but, despite doing generic control on the truthfulness of the label information, Fratelli Mazza does not guarantee or answer for label information and that these information reflect the product characteristics. For any doubt or any warning, contact us by e-mail to the address Fratelli Mazza will ask to the producer further guarantee or other extra information asked and it will denounce possible anomaly to the competent police authority.

3. The fundamental characteristics of the products sold by Fratelli Mazza Wine Selection are presented with specific product sheet, they are visible directly on the web site The images and the colours of the products sold by Fratelli Mazza on the web site could not be equivalent to the real for the browser and the monitor used.

4. Despite every our effort, we can not exclude that for a little part of the products in our catalogue, it can be indicated a different price respect the real price, by mistake. We will always check the product price accurancy during the order control process and during the product shipping. If, for some glitchs or other problems, the price in the web site would be lower than the correct sale price of the product, we will contact you to verify if you want to buy the product with the correct price in any case. Otherwise your order can not be accepted. If the right price of the product is lower than the price of the web site, we charge you only the lower correct price and we will send you the product anyway.

5. The price of the product sold on the web site are all Vat included. For more transparency, the shipping fees is written separately in the order form and in the invoice.

6. Fratelli Mazza does not ship in all the Countries. If your Country there is not between the Countries reach from our courier, please ask to our Customer Service the possibility to reiceve the goods estimating its cost.

7. In case of faulty goods, we ask you to send an e-mail to the address or telephone to the number (+39) 0932 251831, to identify immediately the possible problem and to find together a solution. Faulty goods will be replaced or returned at the expence of Fratelli Mazza or refunded, if it is finished.

8. In case you decide to exercise the right of withdrawal, Fratelli Mazza has the discretion to not accept the return of the products that have been altered in their essential and qualitative characteristics or have been damaged or partially consumed. More information are disposal in “Right of Withdrawal” page.


1. Payment methods of the articles sold on our web site are indicated at the moment of the purchase in the page of Payment methods selection and also in the informative page Payment together with its terms of use.

2. The price of the articles are in Euro and are included of all applicable taxes and/or fees. The product prices are not included of delivery costs, this amount will be indicated to the user in the purchase order summery.  

3. The product price will be indicated on the web site at the moment of the order. It can not be noticed possible price increase or decrease, also in association to sales promotions previous or successive the purchase order.

Shipping and delivery of the products

1. Fratelli Mazza delivers the products sold on the web site only to “consumers” over 18 years old and according current laws and current regulations.

2. Fratelli Mazza uses for the delivery patented packaging, that thanks to their particolar characteristics, they guarantee the integrity of the transported products. Fratelli Mazza makes the delivery of the ordered products to the address you have indicated in the purchase process of our web site through national and international couriers.
The couriers have the responsability of the delivery, from the loading on our company, to the delivery to the indicated address. Fratelli Mazza takes no responsabilities for possible damages or behaviour of the couriers.

3. The deliveries are fulfilled only in the Countries indicated on the web site If your Country there is not between the Countries reach from our courier, please ask to our Customer Service the possibility to reiceve the goods estimating its cost.

4. For the delivery execution are necessary the invoice data (billing name, billing address, e-mail address, VAT number or fiscal code) and delivery data (delivery name, delivery address, telephone number, e-mail address).

5. If you reiceves packages from Fratelli Mazza visibly damaged by the courier, or if they are broken or stained of wine, for the possible broken bottles, please refuse the shipping to the sender and we will charge to pay the retur travel costs. If the shipping is composed of more packages and they are not all damaged, please refuse the damaged package to the sender by signing the note of the courier “with reservation”. Fratelli Mazza will do the returned goods of the damaged package and will do the replacement of it. If the product is finished, we will contact for the possible substitution or for the deposit of the credit left. The shipping costs for the return of the damaged package to the sender and the redelivery of the new package are to the expense of Fratelli Mazza.

6. The delivery usually occurs during the weekdays, into 3 or 6 weekdays to the date of the order confirmation on our web site with the payment by Credit Card, PayPal, prepaid card and bank transfer. In case of bank transfer payment, the delivery will occur from the confirmation date of the transfer funds.

7. For any information or warning concerning the shipping of your orders, you can contact our Customer Service by e-mail to the e-mail address or telephone to the number (+39) 0932 251831.

8. The shipping cost can depend on the destination place, weight and the total price of the order. It will be calculated automatically by the operating system, and it can be verified at the conclusion of the order or before that the order is confirmed.

9. For more details on the shipping costs please read  “Shipments and Returns”.

Information Notice on the Right of  Withdrawl and Return

1. According to the D. Lgs. 206/05 legislation (“Consumer Code”), you have the right to withdraw from the purchased contract of the products, without any penalty, within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from receipt of goods and prior written communication to send to Fratelli Mazza. You have to use the return management procedures provided for by Fratelli Mazza. It is not possible change a single wine bottle or the selected product with another, without additional costs. Our Customer Service is always available for you to try to solve any need related to your order, so please contact Fratelli Mazza directly by e-mail to the e-mail address or telephone to the number (+39) 0932 251831.

2. In the communication you have to specify the product or the products you want to use the right to withdraw, the order code, the order date, the number invoice, your bank details (IBAN code). When the communication is done, you will be required to wait for the validation by our Customer Service, who have to approve the return. You can  resend the goods of return delivering it to the courrier for the shipping within 14 (fourteen) working days from the day you have received the products, as long as intact, according the terms and conditions agreed, except for your possible renounce to the return of the products. The only costs you have to sustain are those pertaining to the return of the purchased products, in accordance with Article 67, paragraph 3 of the Consumer Code. In additional to the respect of the terms and conditions described before, the right to withdraw must be used accurately, if the following Conditions of the Right of  Withdrawl are completely respected:
a) the purchased  products must be substantially intact;
b) the products must be returned in its original packaging;
c) the returned products must be sent in one single shipping to Fratelli Mazza.

3. Fratelli Mazza reserves the right to not accept bottles or products of a same order, returned or sent in different moments; returns costs of the goods will be at your expense, and the responsability in case of loss or damaging of products too.

4. The products arrived in our warehouse will be examinated to see possible damages or alterations (the real integrity of the returned goods is fundamental condition to use the Right of  Withdrawl) – we suggest you to take care during the preparation of the package; the products must be not used or damaged. The Right of  Withdrawl is reserved only to natural person, so it is excluded possible purchases made by retailers or subjects in any capacity that buy for re-sale; the return form must be precisely completed and send to Fratelli Mazza within 14 (fourteen) calendar days to the products delivery.

5. If the Right of Withdrawl is used following terms and conditions indicated in this paragraph, Fratelli Mazza will refund the possible amount already collected for products purchased directly on the web site The amount will be refunded in the least time possible and in any case within 14 (fourteen) days from the date in which Fratelli Mazza became aware of the exercise of the Right of Withdrawl. The refund procedure will be activated when it will be verified the right execution of  the terms and conditions above mentioned.

6. If the terms and conditions are not respected for the exercise of the Right of Withdrawl, you will not have the refund right of the ammount already payed to Fratelli Mazza or to the issue of the credit note requested. It will be always possible get back, at your expense, the products in the same condition in which they have been returned to Fratelli Mazza. Otherwise, Fratelli Mazza can keep the products, in addition to the amount already paid for their purchase.

7. If there is not correspondence between the addressee of the products specified in the order form and the person who has done the payment of the sums due for their purchase, the refund of the ammount, in case the exercise of the Right of Withdrawl, it will be done by Fratelli Mazza to who made the payment.

8. These same information are included for a more simple consultation also in the Right of Withdrawl page.

Discount Coupons and Reporting Programme

1. Fratelli Mazza can insert inside the packages, or send by e-mail some discount coupons. These coupons can be used within the date indicated above. The discount coupon must be insert in the summery order page and activeted through the specific command “Ok”. The sistem will update the total amount of the order with the net value of the coupon. The discount coupon can be combined with others commercial initiatives only if it will be explicitly indicated.

2. A particular typology of discount coupon is that of the "Reporting Programme". After your first order, you can invite your friends to purchase on the web site Every your friend makes a purchase, both will reiceved a discount coupon of € 5,00.
More friends you invite, more coupons you will receive!

3. "Reporting Programme" complete regulation is inside your account.

Loyalty Points

1. If you complete a purchase on the web site, we reward you giving loyalty points that you can change in shopping vouchers. Loyalty points collect for every your purchase and they will add gradually in your profile. They allow you to have discount for your next purchases.

2. The service works only for registered customers on our web site and the points collected thanks to your order are visible, prior authentication, in the “Loyalty Points” section of your Account. Here you can check the balance, points movements and all that concern your account.

3. Points Value: in every product sheet there is the number of loyalty points you have right buying it. For every purchase of € 10,00 you will have right of 1 loyalty point, whose value is € 0,10. Purchase more, save more!


1. The user has the warranty right on the compliance of the products and services purchased. The warranty period amounts to 24 months beginning on the delivery of the goods. The lack of conformity must be communicated to Fratelli Mazza within 2 months from the discovery. To exercise the warranty right you have to send an e-mail to Fratelli Mazza writing necessarily the number order and an accurate description of the defect (we advise you to attach some photos too). All the elements are fundamental, Fratelli Mazza will verified them before to give an answer.
If the lack of conformity of the products is ascertained, you have the right to achieve its reparation, (except for wine products) or replacement, prior return of the defective product to Fratelli Mazza.

2. You have the right to request to the owner a congruent reduction of the price or the contract dissolution if:
a) the reparation and the replacement are impossible or excessively onerous;
b) Fratelli Mazza did not provide for reparation or replacement of the product within a reasonable period;
c) the reparation or the replacement carried out previously have caused significant inconvenience.
To exercise the warranty right and for more information, you can contact our Customer Service by e-mail to the e-mail address or telephone to the number (+39) 0932 251831.


1. All the information concerning the processing of your personal data can be obtained consulting Privacy and Cookie page.
2. For every information on our Privacy Policy is possible to send a request to our e-mail address or to Fratelli Mazza registered office in via Praga n. 5 – 97100 Ragusa (RG), Italy.

Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

1. These General Terms and Conditions of sales are governed by Italian law and in particular by Italian legislative decree no. 206 of September 2005 on Consumer Code, with a specific reference to the legislation about distance contract and by Italian legislative decree no.70 of 9 April 2003 on certain aspects related to e-commerce. The sales of products and/or services take place in the territory of Italian State and they are subjected to laws in force in the Italian Republic.

2. The competent court for the resolution of any controversy will be that specified by the Italian legislation in force at the time of the contract conclusion.

Updates and Modifications

1. General Terms and Conditions of sales are periodically modified based on development of own business and market, as well as in compliance with possible legislative updates and modifications. Every updates and modifications will be published regularly on the web site and they will be effective by the same date of publication on The consumers that continue to use the web site, after the pubblication of these modifications, accept the new Terms without reservation.