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  • The Contrada Dafara Galluzzo Etna Rosso Benanti, a wine produced in the area of Contrada Dafara Galluzzo (CT), offers the taster an unusual organoleptic thickness. The Etna DOC Rosso was born with late summer harvests from vines of Nerello Mascalese, to get to the table and accompany substantial seconds of meat thanks to its articulated and harmonious temperament.

    48,00 €
  • The Contrada Cavaliere Etna Rosso DOC di Benanti is a strong and intense red wine, unforgettable for its characteristic flavor that has made it an icon of the winery of Contrada Cavaliere (CT). From grape harvests Nerello Mascalese, comes a precious Etna Rosso DOC that will surprise your guests.

    47,00 €
  • Rovittello red wine is a label signed by Benanti and made in the territories of Contrada Dafara Galluzzo (CT). An Etna DOC Rosso Riserva that contains all the most inherent aspects of local enology, managing to bring to the table a delicacy with a complex and lively character. The ideal companion to accompany first courses with meat sauce and roast game.

    102,00 €
  • Etna Rosso is a wine from Benanti winery, an intense and soft glass that fully recalls the values of an original Etna DOC Rosso. The best qualities of a fertile terroir such as that of Versanti nord, sud-est e sud-ovest dell'Etna (CT), contained in a bottle able to satisfy the palate, especially in the company of first meat and grilled pork.

    16,50 €
  • Etna Rosato is a wine characterized by an aromatic bouquet typical of Nerello Mascalese grapes. Etna DOC Rosato, born and grown in the territories south-east of Etna (CT), offers a glass with great aromas and a gentle and fine character.

    14,20 €
    -7% by 3

    13,21 €

    -12% by 6

    12,50 €

  • The wine Noblesse Metodo Classico Brut Terre Siciliane IGT is a Terre Siciliane IGT made by a long process of vinification dedicated to authenticity and goodness. A pleasure that is born between the rows of Carricante, in the territories of East and South Etna (CT), to reach the final bottling in which they mature their attractive and fresh character.

    30,00 €