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Caruso e Minini's organic line offers wines (award-winning) with the perfect mix of intensity and elegance. The finesse of the 'Naturalmente Bio' labels you can experience with the 4x3 offer: you get one free for every 4 bottles added to your cart.


Territoriali 4x3: discover Feudo Disisa!

Feudo Disisa's Territoriali are young and lively wines for convivial and delicious moments. The genuine character of the Sicilian land, available in a super offer: for every 4 bottles in your shopping cart, you don't pay for one!


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Super Offer 4x3: Santa Tresa

Excellent wines made with certified organic grapes: try now Purato's Sicilian wines and let yourself be transported by their pleasing essence. Discover the new labels!


Special Offer 8x6: Epica

Every eight Epica beers (33 cl) you buy, you only pay for six!

Respect for traditions and desire to create a new experience: this is the heart of the philosophy of the Sicilian brewery Epica. Take your stock, choose from our selection!


Special Offer 4x3: EPICA

If you buy four Epica beers (75 cl), you pay only three!

Epica beer was born from the passion and friendship of three friends, a bold and lively style contaminated by the scents and flavors that Sicily gives in every period of the year. Choose your favorite bottle!


Special Offer 6x5: Barone Montalto Acquerello

If you buy 6 bottles of Acquerello wines, you pay only 5 of them!

The Acquerello collection of the Barone Montalto winery includes six different wines, result of the vinification of Sicilian and international grape varieties. All wine labels offer characteristic sensations: combine them, or choose one you prefer!


Special Offer Acquerello

Special Offer 5x4: Cellaro Quattro Borghi

If you buy 5 bottles of Cellaro Quattro Borghi wines, you pay only 4 of them!

The Quattro Borghi collection of the Cellaro winery includes six wines made from as many varieties of native Sicilian grapes: each is an expression of the innate quality of the fruits exalted in a wise winemaking process. Choose one or more wine labels you prefer!


Special Offer Cellaro

Special Offer 6x5: Sibiliana Roceno

If you buy 6 bottles of Roceno wines, you pay only 5 of them!

The Roceno wines of the Sibiliana winery are pure expression of six different grape varieties, all native to Sicily: to the taste they evoke characteristic and pleasant sensations. Combine various wine labels, or choose one that suits you best!


Roceno Wines